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08/05/08 07:03 PM #102    

Scott Fraser

The pictures are perfect! I have not seen so many of you for twenty years or more. Once again great job..


08/05/08 09:58 PM #103    

Randy Eddy

I remember eating supper at Pat Chambers house when we were about 10 or 11 years old. Pats mom told me they were Catholic and ask me what religion I was. I told her I was Prostitute! I'm not amazed its been 30 years since I graduated, I'm amazed I graduated at all. This web site is great and I've already got it touch with 2 good friends because of it. Thanks to all who put the time in to do this. "Freedom is forgiveness"

08/06/08 07:55 AM #104    

Diana Parnell (Statzula)

Thanks for the photos!!! Everyone looks great! I loved our class but wasn't until this website did I realize just how much. So many things I had forgotten until recently about "the good ole days". Love you all! Diana

08/06/08 08:06 AM #105    

Peg Daly (Smith)

I am loving the idea of getting to know more about our classmates through this site. Randy's story about dinner at Pat's house is hilarious! This is great that after 30 years, we're even better connected and feel closer than ever!!

08/06/08 03:09 PM #106    

Brian McCormack

Sooooo????? Where IS Gregg Dean??

08/06/08 03:28 PM #107    

Alicia Cosner (Patik)

....and Tom Ely?????

08/06/08 04:01 PM #108    

Brad Andrews

...and Jimmy Hoffa???????

08/06/08 04:41 PM #109    

Diane Shober

OMG - those photos are HILARIOUS! Nice job, Peg!! I can't decide which I enjoyed more, 10, 20 or 30 years! Although I know I had the very most fun this year. What a fun, fun week-end. I loved high school and thanks to all of you for making it so fun.

08/06/08 04:46 PM #110    

Brian McCormack

Hoffa's in Phoenix

Can you believe 63 cents a gallon??? I remember my dad complaining like mad whenever gas would go up before the three day holidays.

08/06/08 04:59 PM #111    

Brad Andrews

Hoffa was killed by his body guard, Frank "the Irishman" Sheeran, at a restaurant out side of Detroit.
Now gas goes up 63 cents every thirty days!

08/06/08 06:13 PM #112    

Duane Ekwall

I think Greg Dean and Jimmy Hoffa are the same person and he is living on a deserted gay island in the pacific with Elvis and Liberace.

08/06/08 06:14 PM #113    

Brad Andrews

and coach Kelly?

08/07/08 06:38 AM #114    

Jeanie LeFave (Schlautmann)

I love the trivia, so many things I didn't know about our class, or have forgotten for sure, like Jeff Holzer being the quarterback of our senior year...and the class clowns. I didn't remember Craig being so funny, but he sure is, isn't he?

Thanks to all, this is just great.

And I love your thread, you guys are hilarious...Duane, Brad...were you guys comediens too?

08/07/08 11:12 AM #115    

Brad Andrews

I was being serious. Everything I said can be coroberated.

08/08/08 02:25 PM #116    

Rick Baker

Sorry it took so long for me to post. I am recovering from the class reunion and my week at Sturgis. To Peg, Lou and everyone else who helped but this re-union together a great big kudo and thanks. It was really nice seeing everyone. (And Duane you guys just cheated better than we did. LOL.) I will be posting pics that I have also some video form our trip to Sturgis. Hear's hoping it won't be another ten years before we see eachother.

08/08/08 07:23 PM #117    

Duane Ekwall

LOL hey Baker, you guys want a rematch? hahaha. We'll see you on the course in 2018. Provided I can still stand and walk 18 holes without having to go to the bathroom. lol Hope you had fun in Sturgis. Sorry I didn't go.

08/09/08 02:11 PM #118    

Rick Baker

I'll have my wheelchair fitted with knobby tires and an abbacus so we can keep score. No more letting Marty keep your score he forgets to count strokes and the only thing Bob counted was the beers. LOL Sorry you didn't come over to Sturgis.

08/10/08 04:11 PM #119    

Randy Eddy

Yesterday Morning there was a gang shooting in DownTown Sturgis. I think it was a Hells Angel that got shot.

Glad it wasn't you!

08/11/08 03:10 PM #120    

Rick Baker

Hey Randy, yea it was an Angel that got shot at the Loud American Saloon. Glad I wasn't there. Hope things are well with you. I'll give ya a call next time I am in Rapid City. My folks live there now.

08/11/08 04:22 PM #121    

Brad Andrews

08/11/08 10:23 PM #122    

Susan Ratcliff (Harrison)

Boy am I slow or what, I too had a great time at the reunion, it was so good to see everyone. We really do have a great class made up of some awsome people. I enjoyed meeting with Peg,Lou,Deana,Janice and Sheila we had some fun conversations. I just want to thank everyone who came to reunion and to all who have found this web site and logged on. I hope we can keep it going and look forward to seeing you all again (before another 10 years pass). Thanks again it was great,

08/13/08 01:13 PM #123    

Lacey Hamilton (Holst)

Wow!! Looking at the reunion pictures sure made me realize how much I missed out on! I had been looking forward to this for months, but a family emergency prevented me from coming. I hope all of you (plus some others who weren't there this time) will be around for the 40th! Looks like it was awesome, and the committee did a GREAT job!!!

08/20/08 04:05 PM #124    

TammyLou Solomon

This isn't exactly a response but those of you attended St. Matthews Church migh want to see if you recognize anyone in the picture I have posted of Our Fist Communion.Let me know who all you found. Enjoy the other pictures too. See Ya!

04/06/09 10:44 AM #125    

Deb Rothleutner (Seeman)

I hope everyone is still set to receive posts on the Message board here!

A number of the alum have set up Facebook pages and it's nice because we can chat, play games and post all of our pictures there. It's fun to see how others days are going and what they are dealing with....LIKE BACK TO BACK BLIZZARDS! here in Gillette...LOL

I hope more of you sign up and join us. You can find most everyone on the friend finder feature.

Here is the link to the webpage:

Hope to see you there soon!

06/10/18 11:02 AM #126    

Peg Daly (Smith)

Hello friends from '78!

We haven't used the message forum here on the site recently so let's start talking!  Anxious to see everyone at the reunion!  Please continue to spread the word for our upcoming event in July!  Please bring any memorabilia that you'd like to share for display on Friday night...we'll have a table or two available!  


Peg and '78 Committee

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