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07/10/18 09:08 AM #134    

Carrie Timm (Brumbaugh)

Hey all! I am really looking forward to the reunion this weekend. If there is anyone coming from the Cheyenne/Laramie area I am looking to hitch a ride up to Gillette on Friday. Write back here and we can figure a way to make this work.

Thanks so much!!

07/10/18 02:13 PM #135    

Brian Griffin

Heard the rumor that Sheila is having a kegger at her digs on Wednesday!  Who's all coming?

07/10/18 02:18 PM #136    

Brad Andrews

Oh wow! Haven't been to a kegger in years...

07/11/18 11:03 AM #137    


Diana Parnell (Statzula)

Carrie, we will be driving through Cheyenne Friday!

07/11/18 11:35 AM #138    

Sheila Middaugh (Larsen)

Brian - see these are the problems with living in Gillette too long - everyone knows where you live - but I also know where you live - party is at your house !!!


07/11/18 11:36 AM #139    

Sheila Middaugh (Larsen)

If anyone is interested in drinks and possibly or definitely dinner at Humphrey's on Thursday night - a few of us are planning to be there!!!


07/11/18 06:36 PM #140    

Carrie Timm (Brumbaugh)

Yay! I have a ride thanks to Diana Statzula. Looking forward to the time together!!


07/11/18 08:01 PM #141    

Peg Daly (Smith)

Feel free to bring any "fun" memorabilia and photos for display on Friday night.  Remember,  it will be sent home with you!  There were great items from way back in the closet at the 30th!!  Will Bronwen still find the best "stuff?"

So glad Carrie found a ride...thanks two will have some priceless "catch up time!"

07/12/18 12:10 PM #142    

Brian Griffin

Yes, Sheila. Small town problems. Just trying to spark some dialog :).

07/12/18 02:41 PM #143    

Sheila Middaugh (Larsen)

Since I am under construction - yet again - yep got me sparked for conversation lol!!!  Are you coming tonight


07/13/18 09:10 AM #144    


Kim Harper (Schmidt)

Sounds like fun times!  Sorry I won't be able to make it this year.  Hope you all enjoy your time at the reunion.

07/13/18 07:53 PM #145    


Ken Vance

Have a great time everyone! Wish I could have made it but some of us poor slobs have to keep the coal mines running so you all have lights and A/C! Be safe tonight!

07/13/18 11:00 PM #146    

Lou Wilkson (Gaspers)


Tonight was a great time at the Tech Center.  I am so appreciative to our classmates who put the time in to organize our reunion.  I especially liked the memory section with photos and dates of the many classmates we’ve lost.  I have always believed that we had a special class.  It is always fun to get reacquainted and see old friends.  Thank you again to our awesome organizers.  I can’t wait for the scavenger hunt๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿผ


07/14/18 09:05 AM #147    


Jeanie LeFave (Schlautmann)

Well, I have to say last night was downright awesome! So much fun seeing old friends, making some new ones, plus the shenanigans of the picture booth were a hoot! I loved seeing classmates that had never come before make it to this reunion! Fabulous time, guys. And thank you so much to the committee that put the entire reunion on, you did an amazing job. 

07/15/18 07:56 AM #148    


Rocky Marquiss

The reunion was fun! The only thing I'd do differently is not have the music Saturday night. It makes it very tough to visit, which is why we're having the reunion to begin with. But if that's the worst thing that can be said, it's a very successful event!

Great job!

07/15/18 11:29 AM #149    

Connie Taylor (Trecazzi)

I had a great time at the Reunion!  A big thank you to all who helped to organize the events!!!  I wish I could have been there for Saturday night’s fun. I enjoyed catching up with everyone and telling stories from ‘back in the day’.  So much history, wish I had more time.  

07/15/18 02:43 PM #150    

Randy Eddy

I hope everyone has a good and fullfilling life and has peace in there hearts. Marina injoyed meeting all of you and had a good time. I appologize for not remembering certain things. Here is a song I wrote for my mother after she passed away. May God bless us all


07/15/18 05:08 PM #151    

Sheila Middaugh (Larsen)

Absolutely beautiful Randy - thank you for sharing!


07/15/18 07:43 PM #152    

Allen Todd

I believe this was the best reunion we have had. It was great to catch with so many classmates. Some I didn't know that well when I was school. Thank you Peg and team for putting together such a great event. I really enjoyed meeting classmates spouses/partners. The scavenger hunt was fun. We teamed up with Judy Nichols. She even braved the weeds around the old KIML building with my wife. I still don't know where the Green Trim Motel was. Hope we do it in 5 years, in 10 years we will be 68 years old.

07/18/18 01:06 AM #153    


Brian McCormack

Sooooo, that was a blast! Not enough time to talk to everyone. Laughed so hard Saturday between the Scavenger Hunt, the Railyard, and The Montgomery it will take a week for the stomach muscles and voice to recover. HUGE Kudos to the planning committee for a job very well done. Large or small, we are looking forward to the next one.



07/19/18 08:01 PM #154    

Lou Wilkson (Gaspers)

I love the new post of the Warriors basketball team.  I was surprised at how many I could recognize without looking at the names.  You guys haven’t changed much:)


07/20/18 10:09 AM #155    

Sheila Middaugh (Larsen)

That picture was great.  Most I know still but a few I had trouble remembering, you know me and my memory!!!


07/20/18 02:11 PM #156    

Peg Daly (Smith)

I'll get all the pics from the reunion posted soon, as well as some updating on the's been a busy week! Again, thank you to everyone from our class that made the reunion such a success! I keep thinking about all the fun we had and all the people I visited with and those I wanted to visit with but didn't get a chance...just not enough time!  Such good memories, such great friends!!

07/21/18 03:27 PM #157    


Brian McCormack

I’m glad the Warriors picture had names. I’d forgotten about Benny, Kevin and several others. Coach Jones would also coach the Legion Baseball team our Sophomore year with Coach Earl Graves.

07/26/18 08:15 PM #158    


Suzie Speigelmyer (Osterloh)

From the pictures and posts, it looks and sound like the 40th reunion was enjoyable!  Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but have certainly enjoyed following posts and pictures that have been posted.   Randy, that song you wrote is beautiful!   I also like the idea of not waiting another 10 years for the next reunion!  

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