'78 Trivia

Trivia Questions for Class Reunion  (Answers at he bottom)

1.  What was Dean Keith’s nickname? 

2.    Who was the head principal in 1977-78? 

3.    Name the players from our class that won the only state championship in our sr. year.  For what sport?  Who was the coach? 

4.    Who was Student Body President our Sr. year? 

5.    What classmate was a  science teacher at CCHS? 

6.    Name 2 plays that were performed in our jr. and sr. years.
7.    Name 3 powderpuff cheerleaders from our class.

8.  Who was our Valedictorian?  Salutatorian? 

9. Who was infamous for driving a CCHS school bus while still in high school? 

10.  Name the 2 exchange students who graduated in our class.
11.    Who were named as the class clowns our Sr. year?

12.    Name the school newspaper for CCHS in 1978.  Who was the editor? 

13.    Name the CCHS faculty who was known for handing out Fritos. 

14.    Who were the Sr. members of the Girls Varsity Basketball team in 1977-78? 

15.    Which CCHS varsity wrestler from 1978 has a son who wrestled internationally? 

16.    What was the name of our Sr. float that won 1st place as it poured rain for the homecoming parade?

17.    Who did the Camels play for the homecoming football game in our Sr. year? 

18.    Who was the prom king and queen for our Jr. Prom? 

19.      What was the theme for our Jr. Prom? 

20.    Name at least 6 FFA members from our class. 

21.    Who were the Sr. members of the Quarter Cresh singing ensemble in 1978? 

22.    Name the 1977-78 flag twirlers. 

23.    Jan Sorenson was President of what 2 school organizations in 1978? 

24.    Joani Corlew and Jimmi Dunn placed in events in what state conference? 

25.    Who were the only 2 members from FTA (Future Teachers of America) who became educators? 

26.    What high school teacher jumped on the desk and performed as a bird? 

27.    How much was a gallon of gas in 1978? 

28.    What teacher ALWAYS asked for a hall pass, in fact was he ever in his classroom? 

29.    Name 3 ladies who worked in the front office during our high school years. 

30.     What is the Camel’s nickname? 

31.   Who was quarterback for the Camels our Sr. year?

32.   Who was our Homecoming King and Queen our Sr. year?



1.   (Spot)

2.   (Bill Watson)

3.   (Scott Fraser, Mark Dockter, Bill Harrod)   (Golf)   (Bob Bentley)

4.    (Gregg Dean)

5.    (Mark Winland)

6.    (Sound of Music, Blythe Spirit, Mousetrap, Curious Savage)

7.    (Joe Jones, Carl Stout, Gregg Dean and Larry Smith)

8.    (Mary Throne)  (Shelley Price)

 9.   (Suzie Gilbertz)

 10. (Bjarne Pederson from Norway and Helene Schokert from Belgium)

11.  (Tammie Filbeck and Craig Berg)

12.  (Camel Tracks,  Mush Daly)

13.   (Nurse Shober)

14.   (Lynn Huskinson, Brenda Ruby, Suzie Speigelmyer, Linda Bradford and Jane Hanson)

15.    (Dick Cox)

16.    (Plug ‘Em In and Toast “Em)

17.     (Kelly Walsh)

18.    (Gregg Dean and Julie McWilliams)

19.     (An Evening In Paris)

20.    (Russell Boardman, Jack Cotton, Mike Gauthier, Doug Czapla, Rod Addison, Cliff Oedekoven, Don Sharp, Greg Johnson, Linda Record, Robert Kettrey, Bill Bell, Tom Ruff???)

21.    (Carrie Timm, Kevin Kienzle, Jamie Swenson and Mitch Collins)

22.     (Kim Haynes, Carol Sue Schaffner, Sandy Hubbard, Mary Jo Desomber and Debbie Rothleutner)

23.    (National Honor Society and Future Homemakers of America)

24.     (FBLA..Future Business Leaders of America)

25.     (Peg Daly and Suzie Gilbertz)

26.     (Jerry Gaskin)

27.     (63 cents)  No wonder we did so much cruising!!

28.      (Cecil Plato)

29.      (Norma Lott, Sherry Morrison, Carolyn Seymour, Chris Spargrove, Mary Lauer, Linda Kyllonen)

30.       (Humphrey)

31.      (Jeff Holzer)

32.     (Tom Ely and Cindy Conrad)